Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Collaged and Stitched Home

Here are some details from the Christmas present I made Craig... it's where we live at the moment, an attempt to try and capture it before we move (hopefully in April), complete with the cat in her usual speck. 

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Lino Printing

A small selection of the prints created in Saturdays Lino class at the folk house

Recycled Fabric Accessories

A small selection of the accessories made in the recent class at the Folk House, some really lovely examples, well done all!

Felt ball pebble rug- finished at last!

The Rug is at last finished... well other than a few strengthening stitches, I'll reserve these for the Christmas break I think. This photo doesn't flatter it, but trust me on a nice wooden floor, I think it will look grand... which is where it is destined for (in the new house). I'll try and remember to post a pic once it makes it there. just to give you a sense of scale... I can lay out on it and just about fit... but I am quite short... maybe one day I'll make it bigger, but other things to make first!

Felt Family

Finger puppets made from felt, a present for a friend recently, I like the cat, but it is a bit out of scale from the rest! Happened a bit by accident, which was even better.

Recycling Fabrics Course- results

After 12 weeks hard work and some great ideas, here are some of the things the group produced

Laptop case

  A quilt cover in progress.... a huge project, this is the beginning!

Chair covers

Pencil case... to go with the laptop bag