Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Collaged and Stitched Home

Here are some details from the Christmas present I made Craig... it's where we live at the moment, an attempt to try and capture it before we move (hopefully in April), complete with the cat in her usual speck. 

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Lino Printing

A small selection of the prints created in Saturdays Lino class at the folk house

Recycled Fabric Accessories

A small selection of the accessories made in the recent class at the Folk House, some really lovely examples, well done all!

Felt ball pebble rug- finished at last!

The Rug is at last finished... well other than a few strengthening stitches, I'll reserve these for the Christmas break I think. This photo doesn't flatter it, but trust me on a nice wooden floor, I think it will look grand... which is where it is destined for (in the new house). I'll try and remember to post a pic once it makes it there. just to give you a sense of scale... I can lay out on it and just about fit... but I am quite short... maybe one day I'll make it bigger, but other things to make first!

Felt Family

Finger puppets made from felt, a present for a friend recently, I like the cat, but it is a bit out of scale from the rest! Happened a bit by accident, which was even better.

Recycling Fabrics Course- results

After 12 weeks hard work and some great ideas, here are some of the things the group produced

Laptop case

  A quilt cover in progress.... a huge project, this is the beginning!

Chair covers

Pencil case... to go with the laptop bag

Monday, 15 November 2010

A Skirt in a Day

Another Folk House workshop, this time skirt in a day, we used an Alison Willoughby pattern shape, but concentrated more on the making rather than the embellishment, although some participants were going to add more at home after the workshop

Applique purse workshop

An improvers sewing workshop, making applique purses, everyone came up with their own design and then we learnt how to put it together and sew in a zip, Shame I didn't photograph everyones as there were lots of nice ones!

Learning to sew - Apron Making

Last week I ran a 'Learn to sew and make an Apron workshop' at Bristol Folk House, here are just a few of the outcomes, some really nice aprons.. and everyone learnt a lot about using a sewing machine, ready to tackle their own projects!

Trainee teachers work

This is some of the trainee teachers work that was created in the last few weeks, the brief is to work in a small group and translate a 2D image into a 3D piece, using only junk and paints, here are just a few of the many created

photomontage workshop at MERL

Another photomontage workshop at MERL in Reading, some really thoughtful examples that people came up with, all inspired by 'a circle, a century' exhibition currently on at the museum.


More Recycling fabrics

See what the group have been up to....
this is going to be part of a larger quilt

 Some cushion covers in progress, just to remind us it's autumn

A laptop bag, now almost done and it looks great!

Technically this is from my Retro sewing class, but also uses recycled fabrics and it looks great!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Recycling Fabrics - new course

Began the new class for 'Recycling Fabrics' last week at the Folk House, this course is always really popular and I can't keep up with the demand. A nice small group this time in the new room (see previous post). We looked at applique and hand-stitch in week one.

In week two we began to look at manipulating fabrics and layering, some examples here.

We did a bit of cut work and free machine embroidery samples as well.... I put these here to remind myself that I want to make some cushions using this techniques for my maybe / potential, new house.