Friday, 24 September 2010

Recycling Fabrics - new course

Began the new class for 'Recycling Fabrics' last week at the Folk House, this course is always really popular and I can't keep up with the demand. A nice small group this time in the new room (see previous post). We looked at applique and hand-stitch in week one.

In week two we began to look at manipulating fabrics and layering, some examples here.

We did a bit of cut work and free machine embroidery samples as well.... I put these here to remind myself that I want to make some cushions using this techniques for my maybe / potential, new house.


New Dress- in progress

I always like to have a project on the go when I am working with adults in sewing classes, this time a dress from an Amy Butler pattern. This is something to entertain me between students needing help... I should add I don't neglect them, this is purely if they are happy stitching away and I get a few mins to do my own thing, rather than loiter over them.

I have a new classroom in the Folk House this term, still needs a few tweeks, but is nice to have such a clean space for sewing... however the room could also be classed as a large cupboard, which it was for many years! Consequently my classes are limited to 5 people, which means more sewing time for me! Everything must be pinned to the walls as no space elsewhere as you can see below.

I have made this pattern before, both as a tunic /dress and as a top and I really like it. This time I'm altering it a bit more to be a bit higher at the neck line, a little less revealing, not one that ordinarily you could wear in front of parents. I'll keep an update here somewhere amongst the many other things.

Cup Cakes - Yummy

Not quite textiles, but tasty. A creative effort the other day for Craig's Birthday, 4 different types!   I would highly recommend blackberry ones.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Felt Ball Rug - Update

Still going with the rug project although it has slowed down a bit lately, due to having too many other things to do. It's about big enough to sit on now, but of course isn't stitched together, that delightful job will come at the very end!

In order to stop cat destruction, I keep all the balls in this box high up on the top of the book shelf. But, the cat has mastered scaling smooth walls to reach the box for her new favourite game of throwing them out of the box onto your head when you least expect it (or confusing house guests).

Here is the cat to give you a sense of scale, though it was a challenge to get her to stay still long enough to take a photo.

MERL photography workshop

During the summer holidays I ran a panoramic photography workshop for young people in Reading based on an exhibition of panorama images of Reading. We explored the grounds close to the museum and here are just a very small selection of the results...

There will be a similar workshop in October half term, along with a fun drawing workshop for little ones

Holland paper biennial

Recently I wet to Holland to see the paper Biennial as I have done twice previously, Always a good place to feel inspired! Not really meant to take pictures here But I sneaked this one in as I really like the torn wall paper creeping around and foresee something like this when I finally get to decorate my own place! By putting it here it might remind me amongst the hundreds of ideas I have.

Cut work Cushions

A little while ago I made these cushions as a present for someone who doesn't really like any colour in a room, their request was black and white. I have used layers of fabrics from sample books and then covered in black and cut through the various layers after stitching to give a textured effect.Of course the cat has to get in on the act...