Thursday, 1 December 2011

Felt Cakes

I had lots of fun making these handmade felt cakes, they are meant to be a project idea for next year, but I actually really liked making them... I feel more may come!

Lino Print Workshop

Some of the fantastic prints made in the last lino printing workshop... Taking a break from this one for a little while but I will be running a printmaking workshop at  Bristol Folk House 7th Jan 2012, 
0117 926 2987

Lantern Workshops for Illuminate Festival

Some of the lanterns being made for Illuminate Festival in St Georges Park
A video of the full project is here

Clutch bag workshop

Some of the lovely examples from my Clutch bag workshop a little while ago.
This one was at the Folk House, Bristol. Next class 17th March call 0117 926 2987

Monday, 8 August 2011

Sewing for Improvers - Applique Purse

Last one for the Summer School this year, phew time to put my feet up, well not really, but at least not spend all my time at the Folk House.
A lot of this group came to the cushion workshop earlier in the week, so had the very basics of sewing already, this time they came to improve their skills, learn how to put in zips, and a bit of decoration with applique and some tried free machine embroidery.

More again on the 5th November £17.75 concessions available

Lino print workshop - another one!

More lino printing, seem to be doing lots of these lately, but more good results. I particularly like the allium ones. Some of these are still works in progress, but you can see the potential.

Next class in Autumn term 8th October 10 - 4 £34 with concessions available 0117 926 2987 for details or

Print Making Workshop

Some really lovely prints produced at Thursdays print making workshop; a whole range from abstract and experimental, to plant life and human form. People seemed to enjoy playing and seeing what the simple medium of press print could do, a few came back for the lino printing class on Saturday (see a later post). 

I will be running another printmaking class in November, but this time it will cover 3 different print making techniques, including press print, mono prints and collographs. This one is 12th November 10 -4  £30 with concession available. Again contact the Folk House for details, 0117 926 2987