Thursday, 1 December 2011

Felt Cakes

I had lots of fun making these handmade felt cakes, they are meant to be a project idea for next year, but I actually really liked making them... I feel more may come!

Lino Print Workshop

Some of the fantastic prints made in the last lino printing workshop... Taking a break from this one for a little while but I will be running a printmaking workshop at  Bristol Folk House 7th Jan 2012, 
0117 926 2987

Lantern Workshops for Illuminate Festival

Some of the lanterns being made for Illuminate Festival in St Georges Park
A video of the full project is here

Clutch bag workshop

Some of the lovely examples from my Clutch bag workshop a little while ago.
This one was at the Folk House, Bristol. Next class 17th March call 0117 926 2987