Friday, 24 September 2010

New Dress- in progress

I always like to have a project on the go when I am working with adults in sewing classes, this time a dress from an Amy Butler pattern. This is something to entertain me between students needing help... I should add I don't neglect them, this is purely if they are happy stitching away and I get a few mins to do my own thing, rather than loiter over them.

I have a new classroom in the Folk House this term, still needs a few tweeks, but is nice to have such a clean space for sewing... however the room could also be classed as a large cupboard, which it was for many years! Consequently my classes are limited to 5 people, which means more sewing time for me! Everything must be pinned to the walls as no space elsewhere as you can see below.

I have made this pattern before, both as a tunic /dress and as a top and I really like it. This time I'm altering it a bit more to be a bit higher at the neck line, a little less revealing, not one that ordinarily you could wear in front of parents. I'll keep an update here somewhere amongst the many other things.

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